“A Photograph doesn’t have to be beautiful … Is has to Tell a Story!” From an interview by Sharon Willems. Photography for me, is all about real life and photo-journalism. And journalism is visualising the stories of people, places and events. How they go about their lives. And how they deal with challenges, life offers them. Where ever that may be ….

Guido Koppes is freelance photographer, photo-journalist and image specialist with 15 years of experience in portrait-, documentary- and stockphotography. He works for multiple assignors and for a few, premium agencies. Guido has a background in Corporate Communication, before his camera took him to places. His favourite topics and genres are daily life, social issues, urban, industrial, besides portraits. His work is personal, genuine and authentic. Guido’s educational background in Internal, Corporate Communications provides him with a solid foundation to work with others on projects. The Rotterdam Photo Academy learned him to set high standards in his work. Besides producing photography, he is available for workshops and lectures, both for emerging and professional. He is represented by premium photo-agency AGE FotoStock

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