Analog Photography

Recent developments in photography show, that analog images are again being made. People started experimenting with old skool vintage camera’s, using all kinds of analog film, sometimes even years old, chemicals to develop these films, and dark rooms to process them. Generating wow photography.

As others, I’ve always been busy with photo production. First as an amateur, since 2005 professionally. Was busy with analog photography on retro black and white film, which I developed and processed myself. Most of the times anyway. So I created a whole bunch of negatives, stored in old shoe boxes downstairs in the basement of which I thought they weren’t suitable for my agencies, like AGE FotoStock. Turned out they were, how surprised I was!

So, for you I’ve prepared a small selection from scan’s I made past six months or so, after reorganizing all these shoe boxes into one new, professionally organized archive. Over the years past, images were made with a Minolta X700, a Yashica viewfinder, a Pentax MP5, a Sinar technical camera, and a Rolleiflex twin lens reflex. Actually any camera I could grap these days. Much of these images, and a few additionals, are also available on AGE FotoStock, where they can be licensed for publication. Want to take a peek? Click Here!! Also available on Instagram. Enjoy!!