Alfonso Gutierrez, CEO of AGE FotoStock and President of CEPIC, on January 23, 2017 – “I think you have done an effort to move out from a pure “editorial shooter”, to combine your work with interesting MR productions and it’s noticeable your quality progression.” Note: “MR” stands for Model Released Images or images that are commercially available for licensing through AGE FotoStock. The images shown below are part of AGE’s Inspiration Collection. This collection of images, tosses overboard mediocrity, predictability and lack of originality … Ah, find out yourself …

Portrait Woman wearing a Hoody Female, Indian Student and her Smartphone Living room portrait woman

Wim Hendriks on December 8,

Mother and Child in Vrajdebna Refugee Centre Young Family in Vrajdebna Refugee Centre Crying Woman in Vrajdebna Refugee Centre

Hans van Rhoon en Ad van Son van FotoCoaches in The Hague, Netherlands on August 27, 2015 – “In the series of photos at Schorem Haarsnijder & Barbier in Rotterdam, Guido shows to be an excellent reportage photographer. His images are very strong in composition, very informative, exciting and technically well worked out. Compliments!”

Barber and Customer Barber Smoking at Door Barber and Customer

Dominique Mollee, Photo Editor at Novum Regio Foto – “What incredibly beautiful images of the fire in Tilburg, Netherlands. They seem guinean art! Beautiful composition and edit! It shows you took some time to capture them and it seems that you were in the middle of the situation. This is how beautiful incident and disaster photography should be!” (August 6, 2015)

Firemen Attacking a Burning Building Men Discussing a Fire Caterpillar Attacking a Burning Building