Scanning Negatives the HighRes Way 

ScannersRecently I’ve acquired a configuration, enabling me to offer you a new service, and scan a wide range of analog film to digital file … From 24 x 35 mm black and white negative, up to 8 X 10 Inch positives and all in between … Using a Nikon 8000 in conjunction with a Microtech 5 (both internal scanners) and Silverfast software this enables me to produce HighRes digital files from analog film, suitable for further image processing on any system. It’s craftsmanship of high standards!

If you have an archive of analog photography, if you work on analog film only, but somehow need to digitalise a selection of this craftsmanship photography, and if you have high standards for quality, this solution may be suitable for you.

Which kind of film can I scan for you? Most of what you can think of … Color Negative, Black & White Negative, Color Positive … Which sizes? All from 35 mm filmstrips and framed positives (dia’s) up to 8 by 10 Inch singles flatfilm. They’ll be scanned HighRes in any known color profile and up to 16 bits at 300 dpi +.

What’s gonna cost you? Prices start at € 7,50 for set up and € 15,- per (single) scan. All scans will be delivered to you on your Hard Drive or CD-Rom / DVD within a few days. FTP, Dropbox & WeTransfer are also options. If postage is needed, please add a modest postage fee and a few extra days for the mail to deliver the results to your address.

Want your analog film scanned? Or perhaps an inquiry or two? Please don’t hesitate to ask me for prices and multi scan discounts … Send me an e-mail here!

From Analog to Digital

Some Examples of High-End Scans after Fully Processing

Norbert Trainstation 2 Knights Portrait
Image: 6 x 9 film. By: Norbert Elias

Autonomous work: “TrainStation”

Image: 6 x 9  film. By: Robin Cohen

Assignment @ Studio. 1990’s