Wat kost een Journalistieke Foto?

Onlangs hebben de NVJ / NVF & DPG Media Nederland overeenstemming bereikt over tarieven voor Freelancers. Over deze tarieven was al jaren flinke ruzie tussen de twee aan de gang, inclusief acties, demonstraties en rechtszaken. Bottum Line van de deal: minimaal €30 per uur voor schrijvende journalisten en €65 per opdracht van minimaal twee (2) […]


Driving towards Ukraine

Between March 17 & 21, 2022 I drove a fully loaded bus (sponsored by Careflex Zorggroep) with relief goods, food, medical supplies, personal care products and more via Berlin, Germany, towards the East of Poland. I felt I needed to do something concrete myself, towards people who became unwillingly victims of war. Stichting Geef een […]


Correcting Vintage Family Photo’s

Sometimes I find Photo’s, Images & Pictures of (former) members of family that have been degraded over the years and decades. Dust, Scratches, Color Degrading, UV-Influence, and other issues that literally fade images away. In Some cases and situations these imaged can be recovered. Like this example: a portrait of Dave Plu’s Mother, who deceased […]


The Refugee Issue & Publications

Between December 2013 and early 2016 I worked on a major project regarding the Refugee Crisis in Europe, mainly caused by the Syrian Civil War, which forced thousands of civilians to leave their homes  and families. People ended up struggling for safety, security, food, shelter and medical attention, apart from  border crossing with officials sending […]


Reader Beeldbankfotografie (Dutch Post)

In 2018 schreef ik een Reader over Beeldbank & Stockfotografie (PDF) voor cursisten die bij mij een workshop kwamen volgen over dat onderwerp. Een hele berg informatie over soorten beeldbanken, licenties, contractvormen en zo voorts. Maar ook over Metadata (Captions & Keywords) en over Digitale Workflow in jouw computer of laptop. Eigenlijk een weerspiegeling van […]


Photographers Sue BuzzFeed for Illegal Image Use!

A group of six photojournalists are suing media company BuzzFeed for the unsolicited use of photos from a Black Lives Matter demonstration / rally, somewhere during the  summer of 2020. Central are photos that BuzzFeed included in a review article from the photographers’ Instagram accounts. Read More on the Dutch journalism website of VillaMedia (in […]


Undevelopped World War II Film Discovered

Found a huge and very important project on The Internet today, called: “The Rescued Film Project”! The Rescued Film Project, founded by Levi Bettweiser, is an archive of images that were captured on film between the 1930s and early 2000s. Meanwhile he’s giving a lemon on how to develop old, analog films, waiting to be […]


Keywording of Images

Good caption and keywording of images is essential when selling images through any online marketplace. If you do this right, you will have an advantage over competitors and your images will, on average, sell better. However, if you don’t know how to do this in a professional matter, you will establish a negative reputation and […]


AGE FotoStock Portfolio

Not everyone realizes that there are more stock photography agencies and websites than ShutterStock, iStock, Adobe Stock & Dreamtime with usually cheap, poor to mediocre quality. There is better to get. Barcelona, Catalonia based  AGE FotoStock is one of them. Started in about 1973, one of the older among the premium stock photography companies. AGE […]