A Beautiful Industry

In December 2019 I made a corporate photo report within Jonker Ketel Maintenance for Great Magazines, an Amsterdam publisher of glossy, corporate magazines. Jonker is a medium-sized industrial company, where a team of technicians and professionals, with all kinds of different specialties, maintain and overhaul, often very large, industrial equipment and large steam boilers. I visited two workshops; one in Moerkapelle (South-Holland Province) and one in Tilburg (North-Brabant Province). Jonker has a third location in Leeuwarden (Friesland) and is now 60 years old. The magazine was published in March 2020.

Personally, I always enjoy being able to photograph in such a large, industrial facilities, such as Jonker’s. The craftsmen do very honest work, they know what they are doing, and a good product always comes out of their hands. They deliver custom work that is slightly different every time. But, much more importantly, such a workshop always reminds me of my own early years as an electrician, in the early eighties. Camaraderie, collegiality and rolling up ones sleeves; that’s the mentality of most employees. Besides craftsmanship of course. Huge DejaVu!