About Guido Koppes

Portrait-Guido-Koppes-on-Analog-Black-and-WhiteAbout Guido Koppes: “A Photograph doesn’t perse needs to be beautiful. It needs to tell a story!” Quote from an interview with Sharon Willems at Happix. For me photography equals photojournalism, and photojournalism is about people and their stories, eventually. How they live their lives, how they deal with challenges of life. When ever, where ever they are. Real, Visual Storytelling.

I am an international working photographer and photojournalist with over 16 years of experience in journalism, B2B photography, portrait and reportage photography and stock-photography. I work for several photo-agencies and assignors within government, non-profit sector and the publishing industry. I cover daily life, social issues, human rights issues, travel and more. I have a background in Corporate Communications (Nima B Internal & Corporate Communications) and I’ve studied on Rotterdam Fotoacademie (Portrait & Documentary Photography). I am available for workshops and presentations regarding meta- and iptc data and digital workflow. I am represented by the Spanish Agency AGE FotoStock (since 2011) and the British agencies RooM The Agency & Alamy Stock (since 2019). 

I am or I have been working with the following organisations

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