Amer Power Plant: From Carbon Coal to Bio Mass

It’s been quite a thing in social media discussions lately: the emission of CO2 and greenhouse gases. Climate change is slowly becoming very noticeable due to rising temperatures, melting ice caps and extreme weather. Yet we all use more and more electricity. Which has to be made somewhere. That is why there are power stations in the Netherlands; of those factories with a very large boiler (boiler) and a large generator. The steam from that boiler makes that generator spin and turn, and hop: our Tesla can drive 600 kilometers again. Does it require anything, all that electricity from the socket. Mountains of CO2 producing coal, often from Columbia, because that’s where it’s cheapest at the moment. Boats and ships are sailed in, unloaded and then the fire starts. Are getting less and less, those coals. Bio Mass is the big magic word. By 2025, the Amer Centrale must be completely switched to stuff that sends less of that rubbish into the atmosphere. A whole process that RWE – Essent will have to work on for a few more years. They are already doing it, diligent addition is the thing. In the meantime, the generator continues to run smoothly. Can we keep driving our Tesla. – Photo Report made for AGE FotoStock, where you can Licence these images from this series (and more) for use in Projects & Publications. Please note: Images are not for Free, Support PhotoJournalists and respect their CopyRight!