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Berlin @ AGE FotoStock is a Page to showcase a number of Subjects I covered in Berlin, Germany, the past couple of years. During many travels and trips, I’ve gathered a large amount of Visual Stories & Images (singles and series) available through AGE FotoStock for use in Projects & Publications.

Berlin, Plattenbau. Mostly found in the Eastern Part of Town. Designed & Build according to construction rules common in Eastern Europe during Era of Communism: cheap, small, fast to build and mainly for labouring people. Since East-Berlin was the bigest part of the city (the Soviets occupied half of Berlin, the, Allied Forced took the other half), most of Berlin has this type of Domestic Architecture. More!
Berlin, Stasi. During the reign of the East-German SED or Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, massive intelligence and security forces were active to reppress the people.The party did not allow any opposition or criticism on anything. This: “Ministerium für Staatssicherheit” directed by Minister Erich Mielke, had many means of internal oppression, surveillance and psychological warfare. More!
People of Berlin. Generally considered friendly folks who lead alternative, sometimes even socialist lifestyles. Liberals, as Americans would say. The city is occupied by literally thousands and thousands of artists, musician, alternatives, squatters, graffiti artist, photographers, designers and more. They come into town for a while or longer. Much longer! And they all have their own story to tell. More!
Berlin, Graffiti & Urban Art. This City is an Urban Place with Urban Lifestyle, Urban Food, Urban Art & Urban Anything. To be found everywhere, on any surface, right in sight or at hidden and hard to reach places. They show just about any topic imaginable, from just colors and shapes towards political and critics. Made by artists from Berlin itself or by temporary visitors who feel they have a message to the world. More!
Berlin, Public Transport. Known for it’s Yellow U-Bahn and Red & Yellow S-Bahn Trains, covering early 200 Kilometers over nearly 200, mostly Underground Stations. Did you know the difference between U & S? The S-Bahn is owned bij DB / Deutsche Bahn is mostly above ground. The U-Bahn is owned by the City of Berlin and (yes) Underground. Fast, reliable, cheap and with lots of adventures. More!
Berlin, Travel Destinations. Boring Tourism. Under der Linden, The Wall, Charlottenburg Palace, Brandenburger Tor, Reichstag & Museum Insel can generally be “done” in a day. Maybe two, if you take it slow. But once you have the obvious out of the way, you can forget all about it, and begin to enjoy the Real Berlin! Back Alleys, Neighbourhoods, Parks, Graffiti’s, People & Much More. More!
Berlin, RAW-Gelande. Once a Railroad Factory near Warschauwer Strasse in the Eastern Part of Town at the edge of Friedrichshain. After Der Wende it became obsolete and was neglected for a couple of years. Then, all of a sudden, creatives started landing on the grounds, occupying the old, industrial buildings. Along came cafe’s and restaurants with craftbeer and street food. Copied Concept! More!
Berlin, The Entire Collection. Images & Photographs. Underground, on Ground Level & Way Above. All the Previous Topics & Lots of Other Things. Mostly Rights Managed (RM) Licence and directly available for Download & Use in Projects & Publications. Find all of them on AGE if you want to make beautiful publications and support a photographer / photojournalist to produce more and more of these in the proces? If you have any questions and remarks, please contact me through e-mail: