Blockchain in Photography

May 2018 or so … Kodak broke the news they were going into stockphotography and blockchain technology … News!!! Since then Kodak went silent on it’s plans and how they would proceed … Until last week I got an e-mail from Stanislav Stolberg, basically telling me, that they beat Kodak in it’s own game … Perfect example of a start up stirring up the market with a good idea’s and the motivation to make them come through today … So, may I introduce: “Photochain”? 

Not posting a link just jet, since they’re in the final phase of development, and therefor not just alive jet … But it’s coming soon … Q1 2020, that’s the goal for now … Hell of a way to close down the old year … Which was hell, by the way … Finally some god damn good news!!! (quotation from The Matrix Trilogy) … So, stay tuned, I’ll be posting news about this one as it comes along!