Driving towards Ukraine with Relief Goods

Between March 17 & 21, 2022 I drove a fully loaded bus (sponsored by Careflex Zorggroep) with relief goods, food, medical supplies, personal care products and more via Berlin, Germany, towards the East of Poland.

I felt I needed to do something concrete myself, towards people who became unwillingly victims of war. Stichting Geef een Glimlach in Tilburg (especially the Polish Mrs. Babs C.) also hugely helped out with relief goods, practical assistance during my journey and by offering a drop of point in a very rural village close to the Ukrainian border. Father Tomazs (a local, Catholic Priest) took over there, and helped with a team of volunteers to unload the bus and distribute the goods in small portions further inland Ukraine, as far as East of Kyiv, where some of the relief good already have arrived. This is a small selection of images I made during my Road Trip via three Countries.