PA Media Acquires Alamy


On February 11, 2020 Alamy announced that PA Media Group, the UK-based news and information business, has acquired Alamy Stock Agency. 

Together with PA Images’ live news, sport and entertainment photography service this acquisition will allow the two businesses to fully capitalize on the huge demand for both stock and news imagery from customers around the world. Please be assured that it’s business as usual at Alamy with no change in our service to both content suppliers and customers. We will continue to operate as before, with no current plans to change prices or terms.

Read Alamy’s Full Press Release here.

Editor Remarks: again another example of turmoil within the global picture industry. Obviously promises that nothing will change (for the better or for the worse) cannot realistically be made, since turmoil inside the industry of News- and StockPhotography is large enough, that even professionals with decades of experience as image brokers cannot realistically predict the future of online content. Never the less this acquisition is an example of developments inside the industry, since photo-agencies in, f.e. The Netherlands, consolidated into two major, media corporations in 2018 & 2019 (DPG Media & Talpa). The Dutch Federation of Journalists ponders these developments closely, since position of content suppliers might not be served by large, powerful media organizations, that can set prises and conditions as they see fit.