Photochain: Novel Chance!

In my previous blog-post I asked to stay tuned on news about Photochain, a new, disruptive stock photography company, which is emerging on the global battlefield of online stockphotography. Well, I’ve got some news for you! They are now searching for new, contributing photographers during their final launch phase. I thought you might be interested in this novel opportunity, since they have a few advantages over traditional stockphotography agencies. Let me try to explain! 

Photochain Pays 80% of the Revenues to Photographers

Photochain is based on blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and is the first of its kind to do so. This means that licenses and copyright information are stored and published in immutable (non changeable) public databases, where you can acces all relevant information. This gives you, as a stockphotographer,  complete control over your images! On top: you set your own prices, of which you get to keep 80%. Photochain only asks 20% commission, which is the lowest in the industry! So, where other platforms like Photoshelter, actually ask money, you get payed the highest percentage in the industry!

Since “Photochain” is a novel startup in it’s final phase of development, services are still being added as the marketplace grows and grows. Meanwhile basic functionality for image upload is there, as are all algorithms to finalize financial transactions. You will be payed as soon as your balance exceeds € 50,00. It will come live, as soon as there is a sufficient supply in images.

Launch expected during Q1 2020 

The company itself is formerly based in Estonia, an EU country using the Euro as a currency and having one of the most innovative, digital infrastructures globally. Team members are spread across Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and a few other European Countries. This makes “Photochain” a truly international corporation, with a huge, potential network at its disposal. Final launch is expected during Q1 (the first quarter) of 2020. 

Join Us Now!

So, if you’re a (stock)photographer with an image archive that is not completely online for licensing, why not join this new opportunity and help rewrite the rules for monetizing your hard work? Let’s be part of nuovo, novel developments and become part of something positive to start of the new year 2020!!! You can boost your career again, by clicking the link below and register!

Join Photochain

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail. Or just give me a call. I’ll be happy to help out!