The Refugee Issue & Publications

Between December 2013 and early 2016 I worked on a major project regarding the Refugee Crisis in Europe, mainly caused by the Syrian Civil War, which forced thousands of civilians to leave their homes  and families. People ended up struggling for safety, security, food, shelter and medical attention, apart from  border crossing with officials sending them back and seas that took thousands of lives.

One major photo report was taken in Al Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan, near the Syrian Border. Then over 100.000 people and still building the social and physical infrastructure of the camp. As of 2020 Al Za’atari has become the fourth city of Jordan with approximately 80.000 people having a permanent residence. Al Za’atari is still supported by the UNHCR and numerous other NGO’s, providing housing and shelter, education and healthcare, food, clothes, community services and many, many other needs. Just a couple of Published Examples in which one of the results is used by the Dutch State Department.