Climate & Energy Crisis

Climate & Energy Crisis. Fossil Fuels. So needed to fuel our lives and our economy, to make our smartphones and computers work, to pay for salaries of entire communities of workers. And, since the invention of electricity, it’s produced by fossil fuels, like coal. Meanwhile, 150 years or so later, we discovered that burning fossil fuels pollutes the earth in extreme ways with Carbon Gasses like CO2, transforming the atmosphere, the climate, the weather. Entire communities are affected and climate change is just one angle. Entire villages are wiped from the face of the earth due to mining activities, forcing people to relocated multiple times to new homes. Health Issues & Crime are in abundance. Investors relocate their funds towards environmental friendly corporations to safeguard corporate reputations, affecting old people’s pensions. Windmills and solar power is being build and nuclear energy is being out phased and then reconsidered. Climate activism has seen light of day and will increate in intensity, until politicians and corporate forces change their attitude towards their earning models. Meanwhile conflict and disaster will increase and will rumble through entire societies. On top a company like RWE sued the Dutch Government for multiple billions due to preliminary shut down of coal fueled power plants years before their expected end of lifespan; a financial disaster for the German electricity producer.

This is an ongoing, photo report of mining and (ab)use of black and brown coal and its effects on landscape, climate, communities and economy. Global Warming, Climate Crisis & Energy Transition is just one, major issue we have to deal with as a world wide community. If you consider funding this photo report, please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Do you consider licensing one or more of these images? This Photo Report is also available for publication at AGE FotoStock.