The Belgian government has decided that the nuclear power plant in Doel, near Antwerp, will be closed in 2025. This intention is followed suspiciously by the residents of Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands (just across the border) because Belgium cannot meet its needs for electricity without the power plant. There are regular “calamities” in the plant, such as leaks in cooling systems, which often force the plant to be shut down.

In the meantime, the village itself has become a ghost town, bought by the Antwerp Port Authority. Sandwiched between the nuclear power plant on on one side and a container terminal on the other, it is stuck. About 20 residents still live in the village. The demolition was planned for 2030, but it is now uncertain whether those plans will continue. The port of Antwerp is growing less quickly than expected, which means that there is less need for extra space than expected.