Photo Report on Migration & Refugees

The Al Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan’s Al Mafraq province, eight kilometers across the Syrian border. The second largest refugee camp in the world and the result of years of civil war. People proved to be very resilient, in terms of building a new life. Thanks to the Jordanian government, the UNHCR and various NGOs, all these refugees are prevented from undertaking the journey to Europe. Reception in the Region in Practice. Published in Dagblad Trouw and used by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, Groups of Refugees flee War and Other Crisis and continue to Travel to Safe Destinations. South-East Europe (Bulgaria f.e.) and Calais, France are just two of the many Hotspots. Then the War in Ukraine forces Millions of Refugees West Bound to seek a Secure Place, away from Violence. Citizen Volunteers from the Global Community Rush in towards Germany, Poland & Ukraine to help out any way they can. Borders do not Apply, Humanity Does!

Dagblad Trouw over Za'atari: Hoop doet leven aan de Shams-Elysees
Dagblad Trouw over Za’atari: Hoop doet leven aan de Shams-Elysees

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