Prices for Images

Portrait Brunette Woman on Analog Color FilmMy Regular Fees

  • All Prices are excluding 21% VAT / BTW.
  • Assignments: from € 85,- an hour, plus necessary expenses.
  • Social Media Portraits: € 89,95 (Studio) & € 149,95 (On Location).
  • Images from Archive start at € 175,00 one time use, one year (RM).
  • For any other Assignment, Commission or Service: please ask me for fees. 

A briefing or written instruction before of an assignment is always welcome, to ensure both of us have the same idea’s on outcome and pricing.

In case of Infringements

Anyone who uses my photos and images, agrees to the conditions attached to them, which I list below: all my photos are Copyright Protected by: Guido Koppes Photography. I only sell the right to one-time publication or other pre-agreed uses, both directly and through agencies, unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to publication. My intellectual property rights never pass to any image user. So, only a (limited) user license is provided. You must also be able to provide a license when using one of my photos, obtained through one of my agencies.The content of my (this) website(s) may only be used for orientation. Any other use, distribution, reproduction, or making available of my photos to third parties is expressly prohibited without prior written consent and permission.

My base license fee for my photos in case of unauthorised (not previously agreed) use is: €350.00 ex VAT per year. Based on agreements made in advance, I can calculate different rates. They will always start at € 175,00 for one time use for one year. A correct attribution or credits (copyright notice) is an essential part of my work. It is a very important way for me to attract new customers. If there is no attribution with the publication, or an incorrect attribution, even if that is not possible, I will charge an extra 50%.

If an infringement is established, the infringer will receive a proposal for amicable settlement amounting to at least the basic license fee for infringements, plus an increase of at least € 125.00 to cover the costs of investigation and recovery. Intangible damage, the inability to set conditions with regard to the duration and environment of use, the reduction of exclusivity and exploitation possibilities, and legal costs. In addition, if my photos are used without attribution or if my photos are mutilated, an extra surcharge of 50% will be charged in both cases. Failure to accept the proposal for amicable settlement will result in legal action for which all additional costs will be fully recovered from the infringer. For discovery I work with both Copytrack (Germany) and Image Rights (USA).

Legal Shit & Documents

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