Female, Indian Student and her SmartphoneSince May 25, 2018 the new GDPR (General Data Protection Rules) or  in Dutch: AVG (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming) is active legislation in Europe. This European Law obligates me to explain how I deal with privacy related issues. And since photographs of people are or can be ‘privacy sensitive documents’, this page explains how I deal with them. For me, as an freelance photographer and photo-journalist, it’s not a 100% new issue. Model- & Property Releases were always stored as safely as possible and were only used for their purpose: to prove people granted permission for publication.

Photographs I make

  1. First of all, before taking a picture of someone, I usually ask permission in advance, if possible. When photographing crowds or during large event, this may present me with a challenge, due to the large number of people to ask. But especially when I have an assignment from the company organising that event, I cannot avoid not having permission from everybody in advance.
  2. After a shoot, I upload all my work to either a notebook or desktop computer, to which only I have access. They are both password protected and should be safe. I do this, to be able to make a selection and to process that selection further into presentable images for either my assignor or one of my agencies.
  3. Finally my best work is saved and stored into my own image archive, which is stored on CD’s and DVD’s and Hard Drives. One hard drive stays connected to my computers at home, all others are being safely stashed in an safe and closed, only for me to access. Same goes for the archive on CD’s and DVD’s.
  4. After this process is finished I send my work to either my assignor (f.e. after an eventor a shoot) or I’ll send it to one or two agencies I work with. When possible I asked you for a written permission to do so. This permission is called a: “Model Release”. This release is only used to give proof to my agencies that you gave permission to publish images with you in it and itself is stored safely.
  5. I work with the following agencies: AGE FotoStock & RooM The Agency. A Fair Trade Agency, representing some portraits I made in the past is: “World Portraits“. These agencies have their own, separate Privacy Policy.
  6. As of January 2020 I started working with Photochain, which is not a stock agency but a Photography Marketplace. On this marketplace I have a small portfolio as well, aimed at publication.

Model- & Property Releases

Portret Jonge Vrouw

Every once and a while I ask written permission for publication and professional use of a portrait. These releases are only used to prove to agencies that the person in an image gave permission for publication of that portrait. They are not used for any other reason or purpose. Releases are stored as safe as possible. First on my computer and Apple’s iCloud. After sending it to one of my agencies, they will be transferred to an offline hard drive and safely stored in a money box, only accessible by me. paper versions are stored into an static archive box in a storage room, only accessible by me. AGE FotoStock & Room The Agency are the only agencies, who previously ask for this release upon upload of images. All other agencies ask when it becomes necessary.

Online Services I use

To transfer images and other documents from one computer (or smartphone) to another, or to send images with related documents to customers and agencies, I use the following services;

  • Dropbox
  • Apple’s iCloud
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • E-mail (Sohosted.com)
  • FTP (FileZilla) & WeTransfer

Remarks & Questions

If you have any remarks and/or questions about my Privacy Policy & Data Use, please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail here.

Last update: August 9, 2019.