Story: A War in Ukraine

A Photo Report on Life during Times of War in Ukraine. The Russian Invasion to Ukraine and the resulting War has changed the World in a way nobody could have ever expected. War always is the utmost worse thing one can imagine. It causes lots of destruction of life, property, well-being of people and much, much more. Also justification is an issue: this war lacks any of it.

It’s the most intense way of human suffering possible. In this case, somehow anything this bad is countered with something good as well, fortunately! A world wide notion came to light: we are all in this together. “Wir Sind Ukrainians!”, everybody sincerely seems to believe, and even I do. During several trips, I visited Berlin (Germany), Warsaw, Przemysl, Medyka (Poland), Lviv (Ukraine) and a couple of places more. The entire world, minus a few not so nice governments, stept in and took responsibility.

Volunteers, formal officials, private people, managers, former special forces soldiers, Christian people, journalists, editors, former fireguard people, Chinese-Americans, `Taiwanese Couples, Polish Expats, Orthodox Christian Priests, you name it; all stepped in, to do their modest thing. For a day, a week, a month or more. Collecting relief goods, distributing them, cooking food, providing medical assistance, providing shelter, working at railway stations, giving information, helping out, with free railroad transport.

The list of people, organizations and activities put in place in just three months is sheer endless and volunteers literally come from all over the globe to help out. Then Urban Artists started to thrive local culture, when  they began visually describing what’s happening on Walls of Buildings and Structures! The world has changed and it will change some more. For the Good and for the Better. “Slava Ukraine” seems very much appropriate! Want to publish of licence images made, on AGE Foto? You can begin making a selection  here!

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